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Q: How long do I have to have an active MC?

A: We know everyone has to start somewhere, so as long as you have the proper insurance coverage and requirements to move the load, we will assist you. Tracking will be required.



Q: Do I have to be in the same state as your broker company to sign up?

A: No

Q: Do I have to sign a carrier agreement?

A: Yes, this is for the safety of our company to make sure the carrier acknowledges the requirements and expectations from Blooms Logistics LLC.

Q: Do we offer dedicated lanes?

A: Yes, when dedicated lanes are presented, we will let the carriers who meet the requirements know there are lanes available.

Q: What type of freight do we move?

A: Our freight varies based on demand.


Q: Do you help set up factoring?

A: Yes, we have several factoring companies to assist you.

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